Tuesday, May 10

The Telegraph says big hair is "back with a vengeance". Apparently it's all Elle McPherson's fault because she wore this absolutely mental hairdo to take her son to school last week.
I hate to break it down to the world but Elle's look was stupid to say the least. The fact is she can just about get away with it because she's beautiful and slim and the length of her legs distracts you from the mantronly curls. Unfortunately, the trend seems to have picked up and in no more than 24 hours Cheryl Cole (who is doing the X-Factor in the States) and Sarah Jessica Parker have given it a go and failed miserably.
I might be overreacting but I feel like if enough of us join efforts in criticising this horrendous look someone with power will take notice and they will prevent this from happening again.

What do you make of this?



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