Thursday, June 2

Cover face-off- Vogue US vs. Vogue Indiarihannadoublecover
I know it's quite a normal thing to do for the smaller editions of big-name magazines to recycle the covers and editorials of the more influential titles. There shouldn't be a reason not to. After all, not that many people buy more than their country's version of Vogue so they wouldn't know whether it's new content or not.
Vogue India has used Annie Leibovitz's shot of Rihanna for American Vogue from back in April for their latest June issue. You would think that there isn't much that can be changed but you'd be wrong. Even though I still don't like the very awkward pose I think the picture works much better on the Vogue India cover. It's a slightly wider crop, which makes it feel less stuffy and the amount of writing has been reduced, so there's plenty of space. They have used a red title instead of the gold/bronze the American version used. I love that they have because it enhances Ri-ri's hair and it makes the cover feel a lot more summery.
Which one do you prefer?



Fashion Celebration said...

I don't like Rihanna and I don't like both cover ;)


Miss Dragonfly said...

I totally agree with you Iñaki, small details but Vogue India looks so much better...less cluttered!

Meera said...

I am a huge fan of Vogue India, and once again it has done an incredible job with the cover. However, I wish that it didn't use "recycled material"-it's original content is amazing.


Richarsson said...

estoy contigo, la portada de la edición india funciona mucho mejor. la sobrecarga de información de la americana marea y ya no te apetece mirar a rihanna. me parece sublime que te pares a realizar estas comparaciones, así se aprecia mejor cuando se hace un buen trabajo.