Monday, June 6

Kristen Stewart conjures up Bárbara MarteloKristenStewartBALMAIN
Never in a million years I would have said that Kristen Stewart would be the best dressed at an event. Last night, for the he MTV Movie Awards, she wore a stunningly rock'n'roll red Balmain mini dress detailed with studs and safety pins. As I have said before, she looks her best in super short numbers, which she pulls off easily, and effortless hair and makeup.

Looking closely at her styling you might think Bárbara Martelo styled her. She's known for wearing only Balmain and Isabel Marant. The key of her style lies in the fact that she wears this ostentatious statement pieces with her natural hair down and virtually no makeup. It was actually Martelo who wore the jacket version of Kristen's dress during Paris Fashion Week back in February. She was also spotted then in the black "Chiara" Christian Louboutin pumps that Kristen paired up with the dress for the red carpet.
This is probably just a big coincidence but what an incredibly great match would Martelo be as Stewart's stylist? I'd love it!

[JustJared, TFS]

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