Friday, June 24

Anna dello Russo practises what she preaches
TFS, Zimbio
The August cover of Vogue Japan is already out! I don't know if releasing magazine covers and stories earlier and earlier every month contributes to selling more magazines because it creates anticipation or if we're left a sort of apathy towards the printed copies when they arrive because someone has created an anxiety to see something else, newer.

Discussion aside, I haven't been this much into a Vogue Japan (haven't noticed until now it's not called Nippon anymore) cover since Sasha Pivovarova's in Balenciaga back in September 2007.

The choice of ultra-white background and the blue and pink pastel font feels really modern and also super clean and fresh. There is way too much writing everywhere, though, but I can forgive it because the colours work so well.
Daphne Groenveld's eyebrows remind me a lot of Balenciaga's f/w10, which I loved. And her hair style helps give even more emphasis to her famous lips.
The Miu Miu f/w11 dress worn by Daphne on the picture is such a stunning fit and I love the fact that they've already managed to add in a bit of fur in August to not give next season's biggest trend a rest.

The main feature in the mag, 'Simple Pleasure', seems like such an unlikely for Anna dello Russo to preach. But the fact is that during the menswear shows in Milan she is has been practising it herself in several uncomplicated numbers. The perfect example is the look that preceded the one on the cover at the Miu Miu show and that, funnily enough, was modelled by Daphne.

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