Thursday, July 7

Roger Vivier’s new chic (and fun) e-shop
Courtesy of Roger Vivier
Roger Vivier is relaunching their namesake site and adding an e-store to it. The pictures to the right are a preview of what it will look like. I love the really homey interiors that serve as a background, almost like you're hanging out there sitting on the velvet sofa and looking at accessories.

If a beautiful aesthetic wasn't enough the new website also offers its own fashionable version of the famous Pacman game. Only in this particular case you are a little red Metro bag and you must find all the Miss X collection pieces by picking up all the RV signature buckles without letting the scissors get you! I actually played it a couple of times and it's quite fun!
Also to celebrate the relaunch and as an ongoing feature Roger Vivier will sell 'ultra-limited' edition pieces like the Lunge Psyche Mexico bag in the picture exclusively online. You can even get your hands on any of these things via their also new iPhone app.
What else could we possibly want?!

PS. Don't miss Ines' (de la Fressange) Little Diaries. She is simply très chic!

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anne said...

this beaded bag is really cute