Friday, July 22

Katie Holmes covers Vogue España
Courtesy of Vogue España
As you know, I am a big fan of less celebrated international editions of Vogue.
Vogue España has been doing a great job on their covers during the last few months and they've outdone themselves for the August issue! I would have never seen coming a Katie Holmes cover.
I love the fact that they've put her into a lacy dominatrix outfit. She looks like a female version of Peter Marino.
There isn't much of a summer feel to the cover but just like I said with the Vogue Paris one, it somewhat works because the August issue works as an introduction to September, so the line between the s/s and the f/w season is pretty blurry.
This is also Katie's first Vogue cover ever! She's done ELLE, Marie Claire, Another and Glamour and the past but this is a first. I know it's not Anna's or Emmanuelle's cover so it's not as internationally relevant but I love the fact that Vogue España is daring and trying new things. We have seen Kate Moss and SJP on too many covers...

What do you think?

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