Friday, July 8

V magazine  f-w11- a hit-filled issue
I'm not usually the biggest fan of V magazine's content. I find the people they choose for their covers and how they're shot interesting but it's not a mag I normally buy.
However, after having a look at some of the content from the new f/w11 issue I will probably buy this one.
Penélope Cruz, shot by Mert & Marcus, covers the issue with quite a fun concept. A hologram panel that covers Pe's face makes her open and close her eyes and mouth as you tilt the magazine.
Two of the stories inside —Anja Rubik by Hedi Slimane and 'Baby Love' by Josh Olins and Jay Massacret— are NOT to be missed! There is even an editorial featuring Paris Hilton, which, believe it or not, is kind of fascinating!

The only bit of the magazine that I don't get is the relation between the theme, 'The transformation issue', and the stories inside... I guess I'll just have to wait and see what else is inside, no?
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My Style Canvas said...

These pics are all beautiful. I don't normally read V either but judging from this post, this issue looks pretty good.