Sunday, July 24

Collage Sunday- Christine Baranski
Christine Baranski
It's funny that the reason why I'm doing a Collage Sunday today is the same reason why I haven't done one for a while. That reason is "The Good Wife". I followed a friend's advice to start watching it and I was instantly addicted. And that is what a lot of my weekends have been devoted to since.
The show is entertaining and cleverly written and Julianna Margulies does an incredible job as the main character. But it's not her that I wanted to post about.

Christine Baranski is one of the supporting actors in the show. And when I say supporting I mean she has one of those parts like Helena Bonham Carter's in "The King's Speech" where the acting is so good the character should be called a main.
You might recognise Christine from other supporting roles in "Mamma Mia", "How the Grinch stole Christmas" or "Chicago". It's hard not to notice her attractive features and elegant style. And I do mean elegant. She carries herself with a lot of grace, always dresses appropriately and even her mannerisms are elegant —the way she flicks her hair or holds her chin.
She apparently had a slow start in acting and performing, which is why it has taken her this long to score better roles. Don't miss her on "The Good Wife", you have two seasons to catch up with and a third one will start airing in September!

- Happy Sunday!


Joy said...

I can't believe she was in the Grinch. She looks great in "The Good Wife".

Kirstie Marié said...

Every time I see "The Good Wife" whilst scrolling through the channels, I'm always tempted to see just what it is. Christine is a picture of elegance and has such a tasteful way of dressing for her age, I think next time I'm tempted I shall have to watch.