Friday, July 1

w11 campaign
For those who doubted it, here is the proof that Carine Roitfeld hasn't disappeared. She has been working with Kar Lagerfeld on his latest Chanel campaign, which she styled he shot.
I think the adverts are really great because they still look very Chanel but they feel edgier and cool. I can't possibly say how Carine has managed to put Freja in this feline styling without looking silly. The balaclava with the Chanel flowers that didn't work on Claudia as ears and whisker are quite witty and they actually look super chic! I also love the fact that it's in a photobooth.
The second picture released is in the same settings and also with Freja but looks completely different. Her hair is messy and she looks slightly rough. And I can't really read what's written on her forehead (Il n'y a pas de...) but I have the feeling it's something funny.

What do you think of this campaign?

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Peroxide Blonde said...

Usually Karl's photography is questionable but I have to admit, I love this. Freja is fantastic.

Peroxide Blonde