Tuesday, July 26

The LOVE starts to spread
Yes, it is that time of the year again. LOVE magazine, after a little delay, will hit newstands next week on August 1st and they have released the second of their three covers for their 'Supernatural' issue.
We saw the first cover quite a while ago. It featured Nyasha Matonhodze wearing a crow head piece and crying black tears. I wasn't too keen on the cover then and even though it's still not working for me now I understand how it fits within the gothic-meets-romantic aesthetic of the new issue.
This second instalment of cover releases, also shot by Mert & Marcus, features Elle Fanning in a white lace number. I absolutely love it. It might be because, as I said before, I start to get the 'supernatural' theme or it might be because Elle makes anything look cool. I wasn't sure about the font change at the beginning but I have now decided I love it. It gives the magazine a more artistic and high-end feel. And I love how they've put the rest of text to the right, to make it different from what they usually do.
Let's hope they have saves the best for last and this is just an oeurs d'oeuvres!

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Joy said...

Honestly I have to say I am quite sick of Elle she look absolutely ethereal here! I don't usually like M&M but they were definitely the right pick for this cover. Trust Katie Grand to do the right thing!