Tuesday, July 5

British Vogue’s best cover of 2011
Firstly, I'd like to say I love the perfect timing of this cover. British Vogue had been missing the point with their covers for more months than I can remember. This feels so fresh and young and exactly along the line that Vogue should be following!
I was surprised to see this because I had heard so much about how Kate Moss had given the exclusive of her wedding to American Vogue that this is the last I expected! I suppose they have got the cover and editorial but the wedding story will only appear in Anna's bible.
I also love the fact that Kate looks really glamed-up and not in some decadent Balmain-esque rock'n'roll styling. Nothing less, of course, could be expected from Mario Testino. A preview of the shoot inside has also been published and even I must admit that the story is spotless. Not very avant-garde or innovative but a great fit for British Vogue.
I posted about how much I loved Miu Miu on Japanese Vogue a few days go and Kate Moss is wearing another of their f/w11 dresses. It seems like the brand is going to take over covers once again.
For the first time since my subscription started I am genuinely excited about getting home and having it in my hands!

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Anonymous said...

My famous words ( not last but new ones): I love Kate Moss! COngrats to her wedding thingy.