Sunday, September 18

What she wore- Stephanie LaCava at LFW, day 1
Know Wear
If I told you that Stephanie LaCava took a plane from New York to Paris on Friday evening, then a Eurostar train from the French capital to London, and barely had any sleep or time to change you wouldn't believe me. She looked as fresh as she would have after a full night sleep and her outfit was exquisitely put together.

Stephanie –who until yesterday was a LFW virgin, can you believe it?– was wearing a custom made Zac Posen white tuxedo jacket with black lapels (it fit her like a glove!), a black short Alexander Wang dress, and an unbelievable pair of Manolos.
There was something very Audrey Hepburn about this look. Perhaps not literally but I feel like if she had lived this new era of fashion she would have, like Stephanie, embraced and edgy and chic kind of aesthetic.

*Stay tuned: More daily looks from SLC are coming your way and tomorrow Know Wear will be co-hosting the Burberry live stream!

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