Saturday, September 3

The most ‘real’ fashion we’ve seen on Project Runway
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One of the things that used to drive me a little crazy when Project Runway started about 9 years ago was how unaware all the designers were of what the big names were doing on the runway. This, of course, is arguably a good or bad thing –the way I see it, you need to know what the competition is doing.

During this new season of the show we've already seen some clear references to other designers, especially McQueen, which keeps coming up on the judges' comments too. In last week's episode the only similarity between the contestants' work and the high fashion runway was the picture of an angry dog that served as inspiration for one of the dresses.
The final result was hideous but it seemed interesting to me how the girl who painted the picture, whose Christopher Kane dress made it evident that she knows fashion, might have been somehow influenced by Riccardo Tisci's f/w11 Rottweiler menswear collection.

I also loved Viktor in one of Prada's famous s/s11 shirts. It was about time some of the designers started dressing well because I will never understand how you can make beautiful things if you can't start with dressing yourself well.

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S.P. said...

I'm yet to watch this latest season of project runway, but I'm going to make more of an effort to watch it now. The contestants normally looked so far removed from fashion it was unreal.
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