Tuesday, October 4

Arizona Muse covers the FW11 issue of Self Service
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I feel really happy about so many of the covers that have come out for October and November so far. I already posted a few days ago about my October favourites and, though we haven't yet seen all of November's I can already saw it's going to be a good month. Check out Coco's Tea Party's post on what the big British titles have done.
You know I have favourites when it comes to magazines but I have no problem admitting that some of the ones I wouldn't normally buy do get it right every so often like it happened with the last Dazed & Confused and AnOther.

Arizona Muse, shot by Alasdair McLellan, covers the latest issue of Self Service and I must admit I am loving it! The styling, by Suzanne Koller as per usual, is simple but it works so well. I love the Céline (?) leopard coat with the slim leather lapels over the black turtle neck jumper. And I love the hair and make up even more. The pin on the side of the hair and the fluffy top have a very childish fun air but then the strong cat-eye make up adds an edge. I probably won't buy the magazine but, boy, isn't this double cover nice to look at!

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