Thursday, October 13

Florence Welch by Craig McDean- The covers that could have been
I feel like some of the big magazines really miss the point with their choice of cover picture. I can tolerate bad choices when the shoots inside are equally as bad but when the editorial is full of stunning pictures it really infuriates me.
This is the case of the October cover of Interview magazine, which is probably my favourite publication ever. They tend to do a lot of really dark close shots that they crop even closer, which is a little repetitive but usually looks beautiful enough to be overlooked. For the latest issue they had Craig McDean shoot Florence Welch styled by Karl Templer. I must say that despite the catastrophic piece of crap that the cover turned out to be I could appreciate their trying to do something new –i.e. not a super close crop.
The shoot inside, however, is a completely different story. They've played a lot with the editing in terms of filters, saturation and contrast and I am in awe. I especially love the black and white shots of Florence and there is something very attractive about the blue one too. That would have made a brilliant cover for this issue!


Crónicas de mi armario said...

Te sigo, me encanta tu estilo!

Laureen Gazio said...

She's amazing !