Sunday, October 30

Michelle Williams covers ELLE UK
For whatever reason I keep forgetting to get my subscription to ELLE UK, which makes this all the more upsetting. Michelle Williams shot by Alexei Hay covers the December issue looking stunning. As usual, I am a lot more into the subscriber's cover. Just when I thought that their choices for cover stars couldn't get any better they pull this off.
Michelle is going to be at the front of more and more magazines as the date of her 'A week with Marilyn' move release approaches. I am really looking forward to watching the film not only because I want to see her portrayal of the famous sex symbol but because from what I gathered from the trailer the style and photography of the movie is simply incredible.
I can't decide whether this is my absolute favourite cover of Michelle this year. It's definitely in the top two but it's hard to compete with her Interview May cover shot by Mikael Jansson. I am interested to see a high-res version of the regular ELLE cover that will hit newstands in about a week and I can't wait to take a look at the editorial inside. The ELLE team have been on fire this year!

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