Sunday, November 13

Dakota and Elle Fanning cover W magazine
W has had so many hit covers this year so it's great to see them closing the year on such a good note. Dakota and Elle Fanning cover the December issue styled in Valentino by Lori Goldstein for the cover and shot by Mario Sorrenti.
I wonder whether it's a coincidence that this issue should come out at the same time as Vogue Best Dressed with Mary-Kate and Ashley on the cover. As far as I'm concerned, the Olsens are unbeatable both separately and as sisters –or should I say 'dynamic duos'?
What I love the most about the Fannings is the fact that they're super young and successful but they haven't fallen onto that tacky category of people like Selena Gomez. They don't feel manufactured and on top of it they're great actresses and dress incredibly well for their age.
It feels like Stefano Tonchi has finally found the place where he feels comfortable with W. He's brought half of Europe's fashion elite to its pages but, hey, Americans had to be introduced at some point.

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Best of Dress said...

I love it. So much fun and they look beautiful together.