Sunday, November 20

Five reasons to watch Pan Am
I decided to make this post after a conversation I had last night. It's not fair for period TV series set some time in the 1960's to be labeled as "the new Mad Men", why would we want a new one when the original was genius? While Pan Am might not be as deep an analysis of the early 60's American society they do a great job depicting the way the role of women was starting to change. If, like me, you are a fan of this era these reasons will be enough to watch the show.
1. Christina Ricci is in it. It's just great to see her back on her feet and in such a way! She nails her character and rocks a lot of body-con dresses.
2. Obviously, the costume design. From the royal blue uniforms to the off-duty looks you will love every ensemble. Poise, confidence and beauty are the Pan Am girl motto.
3. They pack old school and are always late for flights. So it gives you hope that you're not alone in the world.
4. They walk through airports in unison with a perfect smile – something in this fashion. If you like The Aviator, Pan Am will make you happy every week.
5. They use phrase books! It's a shame they went out of fashion, it was the most fun parts of a holiday.

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Best of Dress said...

Fabulous! Love the 60's look. It's a shame people don't at least *try* to dress well when they travel on planes nowadays.