Wednesday, November 30

Karlie Kloss is Vogue Italia’s present this Christmas
Karlie Kloss is Vogue Italia's present this Christmas
Fashion Gone Rogue
The thing is I don't know whether to praise or slate this cover. On the one hand, I would have never guessed it was Vogue Italia, this seems more like a thing Vogue España would do –neutral background, a simple sexy dress, young model. I would have never guessed it was a Steven Meisel shot. But this is, in fact, the December cover of Vogue Italia.
My favourite thing about it, of course, is the fact that Karlie Kloss is on the cover. She reminds me a lot of a younger Giselle Bündchen and she's definitely rocking the nude Valentino dress. I can appreciate that perhaps what Franca was trying to do with this cover is going for a 90's minimalist/supermodel vibe. But it doesn't quite work.
It's a little underwhelming to put an end to the year like this after such brilliant covers. They already went for a sort of supermodel revival a few months ago for the July issue with Christy Turlington. Perhaps this is a way to build up for January to start 2012 with a boom?

What are your thoughts?


alyssastinks said...

I think she looks fantastic, look at that face!

Audrey Leighton said...

omg gorgeous!