Wednesday, November 9

The full Versace x H&M fashion show video!
Last night I was green with envy reading all the tweets from everyone who attended the Versace x H&M fashion show in New York. If we thought last year's event for Lanvin was big I don't know what to call this.
All of fashion's most popular editors, stylists and writers were joined my a huge number of celebrities. From Helena Christensen and Uma Thurman to Blake Lively and Chase Crawford to Linda Evangelista en Chloe Moretz, everyone was there. Dressed in head-to-toe Versace.
I must say this collaboration is not very me but I can see why it would appeal to so many people. It's such a great chance to get iconic pieces from the 90's most of us were either too poor or too young to get back then.
Enjoy the show! And click here to see the video of everyone who attended last night.

Courtesy of Versace x H&M

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