Sunday, November 27

Vogue Japan takes Shala Monroque on a tropical holiday
Vogue Japan takes Shala Monroque on a tropical holiday
Looking at this story from the January issue of Vogue Japan many stylists must be kicking themselves in the head for not thinking of it first. The truth is this is one of those ideas that seems so obvious to be good but it is, in fact, great!
Shala Monroque, shot by Tommy Ton and styled by Aurora Sansone (woop!), travels to a tropical island to showcase the latest from the Cruise 2012 collections. And I am in love. Shala is one of the best dressed and most elegant-looking women I have ever seen. I briefly met her during the last LFW and was taken aback by her poise –being in her presence feels a bit like being underdressed or unprepared for a meeting.
I struggled putting together the collage because there wasn't one shot of her in the entire editorial that I didn't want to include in it. I really love how Aurora played with ethnic elements from the resort collections in a way that they also made sense back in the 'real world'.
For me, what really makes the shoot work is the fact that none of the looks feel overdone or unwearable because Shala would actually wear any of these outfits to a fashion show, an intimate dinner or just out in New York City.

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Love her personal style, and she's beautiful in this!