Saturday, January 28

Dolce & Gabbana cover face off- Vogue Jappan vs. Vogue Turkey
Dolce & Gabbana cover face off: Vogue Japan vs. Vogue Turkey
I have mentioned a few times over the last few weeks how I could see all the upcoming magazine covers being plastered in the amazing Prada SS12 collection. So far there has indeed been a lot of it but there have been those who have wanted to change things up a bit on their new covers. This is the case of the February's Vogue Turkey and Vogue Japan's March issue. What are the chances of going for exactly the same piece?! Both Bianca Balti (styled by Anna dello Russo) and Karolina Kurkova (by Daniela Paudice) don the same sext bejewelled number from Dolce & Gabbana's SS12 collection. I instantly recognised the ultra-mini dress as I still remember being in awe of how Magdalena Frackowiak wore it on the runway.
I can't really decide which cover I like better, which is unlike me. I like how Karolina's look is quite simple and only accessorised with Prada (ha!) earrings but I also like Bianca's 'Italiana' cover and the genius "Latin Lover" headline.

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