Wednesday, January 25

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘Father and the Bride’
Gossip Girl Fashion: 'Father and the Bride'
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I gave last week's Gossip Girl post a miss because, frankly, there wasn't anything interesting about it. I almost did the same this week but in the end I decided Serena's hit was enough to write up a little post.
I don't know what else Eric Daman is doing but it must be taking so much of his time that he really can't be bothered with the styling. Blair is one big mess after the other –endless ridiculous headpieces and "matchy-matchy" outfits that someone her age would never wear... There are also fewer wardrobe changes, which only slims down the chances of a good look.
For the most part of the episode I was also a bit annoyed with Serena's look. The Marc by Marc Jacobs jumper wasn't too bad but it looked super tacky with the otherwise lovely Haute Hippie mini skirt. I can 
not remark enough how necessary it is to stuff bags (even if they're as ugly as this one) so that they don't feel lifeless. I only liked (a lot) the Rachel Roy boots that we can only see in one of the shots. Gratefully, Serena's second look was worth the wait. I loved the Sami & Lavi printed see-through blouse and its contrast with the Parker mini skirt. It was a super sophisticated look but it also felt young. The green accessories were spot on (as I have said many times in the past) and the hair an make up were exactly in the direction that S should be going.

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