Friday, January 13

Michelle William’s Marilyn covers- Vogue US vs. Vogue Germany
Michelle William's Marilyn covers: Vogue US vs. Vogue Germany
It's been a great last few months in terms of magazine covers for Michelle Williams. First it was the sweet Interview cover in May, then the American Vogue cover shot by Annie Leibovitz for the October issue and then the fun ELLE UK cover in the Prada dress. She is now at the front of the latest issue of Vogue Germany. It's fair to say that American Vogue is usually first in tapping celebrities to cover the magazine but they don't necessarily do it the best way. I loved their October front because it had a much more different feel that the previous ones of the year but I feel like the new Vogue Germany captures the essence of Michelle as Marilyn a lot better, no? I also really like the layout that reminds me a lot of the older Vogues. I guess that's how the real Marilyn would have covered Vogue too.
What do you think?

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