Friday, February 24

Fendi bags- The ones we wear & the ones we’ll love
Fendi bags: the ones we wear & the ones we'll love
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As I was preparing this week's Gossip Girl Fashion post it occurred to me that since the only two exciting bits of fashion in the whole episode were the Fendi bags that Serena and Blair wear it made sense to dedicate the post to Fendi instead.
It's funny because sometimes I feel like people sometimes don't give the house as much credit as they should. It's up there with Gucci and the rest of big heritage Italian designers and it's designed by Karl Largerfeld(!). Over the last few months we have been seeing a lot of Fendi on street style pictures, probably because the most stylish people in the industry realise that their bags are super classic but there is something about their lines that is also very modern. Such is the case of Elizabeth von Guttman, who was snapped in Paris with her green 'Silvana' bag or Bianca Bradolini's 'Chameleon' bag from a few months ago and even Giovanna Battaglia only yesterday.
The FW12 collection that was shown in Milan today is one of the best Fendi collections I remember. I am obsessed with the astrakhan trend already and I am loving the shopping bag style that they've introduced. As I am about the new felt peek-a-boo bags, which is a bit of a surprise from the brand since they're mostly known for their stunning use of furs and animal skins.
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