Tuesday, March 6

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen cover the new ELLE UK
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen cover the new ELLE UK
@LorraineELLE, JanniferELLEUK
Over the last week or so there has been so much talk on The Fashion Spot and on Twitter about the new covers of ELLE UK. Ever since we all found out that Mary-Kate and ( my wife to-be) Ashley Olsen were covering the April issue people were arguing whether they would each get a newstand cover and a subscribers one too, since they've become quite the 'thing' as they're pretty much the only fashion magazine worth buying in the UK these days.
Lorraine Candy and Jenny Dickinson too to Twitter to let everyone know that indeed both MK and Ash would get their respective newstand cover but the 'subs', as it's known, only featured Ashley. Now, don't take this as a complaint because if it was in my hands Ashley would get every magazine cover every month but wouldn't it have made more sense to have them both on the 'subs' cover?
In any case, even though I still haven't seen the Ashley newstand cover I am loving them both. I love the fact that they're wearing Prada and I can't wait to see the full editorials inside. I must also confess that this issue finally made me go ahead and subscribe to the magazine so I am looking forward to receiving my first 'subs' cover in about a month's time.

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