Friday, April 27

The June issues of ELLE & Harper’s Bazaar UK are out!
The June issues of ELLE & Harper's Bazaar UK are out!
I thought it would be at least another week until the new covers of British ELLE and Harper's Bazaar were released. The timing is also a bit off because they have both come out today in quite good quality and by their respective houses – no leaks here.

The second I saw Kristen Stewart on the cover of ELLE the first thing I thought was how 'American Vogue' it looks. I like the colours of the cover but the hair? C'mon, she is not 25 yet, she doesn't deserve ageing hair like this! The pose is also a bit awkward but her face does look absolutely beautiful! Hopefully the subscriber's cover will be a stunner.
Cameron Diaz covers Harper's Bazaar for June and she looks amazing in Calvin Klein. It's like she never aged a minute from "There's something about Mary" and she's almost 40! I love the colours and the simplicity of the newstand cover – it's chic and sexy almost in a 90's way, no? The subscriber's cover is also beautiful. I only wish it had been in colour. It's a shame to miss out on Cameron's blue eyes!

What do you think of the covers?

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