Monday, April 16

Nicole Kidman & Clive Owen cover the new issue of W
Nicole Kidman & Clive Owen cover the new issue of W
I am having some mixed feelings about the new cover of W magazine featuring Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen.
On the one hand, I am loving the colours and the late 50's feel of the cover. I love the composition of the picture, shot by Emma Summerton. And, well, I can't get enough of Prada on the covers of magazines.
On the other hand, I have sort of had enough of the Mad Men theme, right? Nicole Kidman's face is so Photoshoped I had to check the name because I couldn't figure it out. Not to mention the hair – is it hers? Because it looks like a horrendous 60's Barbie wig.
The story inside seems to be a bit hit and miss as well. Though I must say I absolutely love the black and white separate pictures of Nicole and Clive in an Art Deco lift. They are simply stunning and I do hope they have laid them out next to each other on a DPS.

What do you think of the cover?

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