Wednesday, May 2

Kate Moss covers British Vogue (again)
Kate Moss covers British Vogue (again)
I don't know if there's a quota of covers that British Vogue needs to devote to Kate Moss. The model covers the June issue less than a year after her last cover for the mag back in August. It's funny because she seems to alternate a Vogue UK cover and a Vogue Paris one so I guess we'll wait for the latter in the next few months.
Apart from that, I am quite impressed with this. Just like I said last year this is one of the best covers we have seen from the mag (last month's Charlize Theron one was also brilliant). I love the colours, the fuzzy background, the gold font (very Vogue Paris) and the white Versace – perfect for the season. Someone on The Fashion Spot forums had the brilliant idea of comparing the Mert & Marcus cover photo to this one of David Beckham – it's undeniable he was the inspiration!

What do you think of the cover?

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