Monday, June 4

Eniko Mihalik covers the new Harper’s Bazaar España
Eniko Mihalik covers the new Harper's Bazaar España
Harper'a Bazaar España
Harper's Bazaar España seems to always keep their best covers for June, which makes sense because that's when everyone breaks from school, goes and holiday. Summer arrives. A year ago I was in love with their Anna de Rijk standing on a horse cover. It was incredibly cool, relaxed, summery.
This time around the Harper's Bazaar team has gone for a lot raunchier cover featuring Eniko Mihalik in a tiny Paco Rabbane dress. If you remember the April cover of the mag you'll realise there is a (sexy) connection between the two and that connection is Bárbara Martello, who is not only a style icon herself but a genius at what she does. It's all about Eniko's long legs and her natural hair – just like Bárbara.
I am, of course, very keen on the layout too. From the very beginning of the magazine I've always really appreciated the fact that they try different things. They have done something similar to the latest Vogue Paris in terms of colours, which I see as the best way to have a summery sea scene on the cover. 

Click here for a preview of the story inside and a look at the behind-the-scenes from the shoot.

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