Thursday, June 21

Prada presents their new t-shirt capsule collection
Prada presents their new t-shirt capsule collection
Courtesy of Prada
You might remember how a few months ago Prada unveiled their 'Parallel Universes' project piece by piece exclusively on 7 different blogs, one of which was Know Wear.

The graphics created for it by Vahram Muratyan were so nice and fun that Prada decided to create a capsule collection of t-shirts featuring all those designs and a few more. The t-shirts will go on sale in mid-July just in time for the summer holidays. It's too bad that's nor a little earlier so that I could wear my favourite – the skyscrapers topped with studded shoes – to Milan Fashion Week this weekend... Some things are worth waiting for, they say.

If you missed it, you can catch up with all the Prada Parallel Universes here. You can even post them on your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Which one is your favourite?

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