Wednesday, July 4

Emma Stone covers the new British Vogue
Emma Stone covers the new British Vogue
This makes number 6, I believe! Emma Stone is seriously taking over the fashion world at the moment and you won't hear me complain. I am also thrilled to see such a good British Vogue cover after the magazine has been missing the mark more often than not for the last few months.
As opposed to the über-glamourous cover of American Vogue, the British title has gone for a more 'real' Emma, who wears MaxMara for the cover, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. I must say I like the change. Emma is so beautiful she looks good anyway but I am particularly enjoying this sexy stare she's given me – move over, Andrew Garfield!
The hot pink font, which I can't stand but British Vogue loves using actually works pretty well in this case. Those blue eyes completely distract you from the text anyway. Though I must say I'm intrigued to find out what that 'LOL (That's late-onset-lesbianism)' piece is about.

What do you think of Emma's cover?

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