Saturday, July 14

Marion Cotillard covers the new Vogue Paris
Marion Cotillard covers the new Vogue Paris
Vogue Paris has always liked having close up images on their cover. And this is a great thing because they're very good at it. The last one we saw from them was back in November 2011 with Arizona Muse bringing a bit of 70's/90's Vogue Paris to the new century. They had done something similar previously with Charlotte Casiraghi for September 2011, though less timeless.
Marion Cotillard's close up cover for the August issue is my favourite so far. The photo, by Mario Sorrenti, is not just stunning but the very subtle way they've used shadows and colour makes it flawless. It's a super simple concept, which is usually harder to pull off, and it makes sense with their cover headline – "Marion Cotillard: simplement star".
I wish British Vogue learn a bit from the art direction here so that he wouldn't have to suffer covers like last year's Adele one. The perfect example of what close crops shouldn't be like.

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haya_m said...

its impeccable, I wish it came with the bed of roses you put it on!