Monday, March 4

Introducing the Miu Miu ‘Craquelè’ bag- Chloë Moretz’s favourite

At the age of 16 Chloë Moretz has already become something of a style icon. I guess it has a lot to do with her edgy personal style – she's definitely a lot edgier not only than girls her age but that celebrities much older than her. Chloë is currently in Paris enjoying some fashion week fun. During all her trip she's been inseparable from her Miu Miu Craquelè bag – the latest model from the house. What I love the most about it is how even though it's a classic bag the cracked leather effect gives it an ages aesthetic that kind of reminds you of those amazing pieces girls inherit from their grandmas and wear to death despite looking a little used. And who else but Miu Miu could turn this into a fashionable effect for a brand new bag?

Some of the new models are already available at

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Courtesy of Miu Miu, JustJared

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Paco T. said...

nice bag!