Monday, July 23

a SADISTIC world

You've already known soVIPzone for a while now. I have, since February, tried to provide you with the finest fashion selection possible having as the only tool my very personal and —I believe— good taste. This is the reason why all the greatest designers keep showing up around here. But my deep love for fashion won't let me stop at this. I'm back with a very fresh update; fresh for the product itself and for its designer. "Sadistic World" is the latest personal project from Fede, a young designer who calls home a little town near Madrid (Spain) while he goes to college in Valencia.

The project is only the beginning of it all, I hope, but this shall not mean his products are inmature as those who could be expected from someone in such a starting state of life; au contraire, for its own name is foretelling. Sadistic means "deliberate cruelty", which is exactly the punishment you'll be putting on your own back if you don't become the owner of one of his masterpiece shirts right away.

Sadistic's main line is made up by a series of designs having a boodoo doll as centerpiece of all the design's variations and backgrounded by the colors who we could call principal to the entire collection since they show up constantly: emerald and pink.
Born together with the main line, another one broadens up the sadistic boundaries as it gives its creator a design getaway to let his imagination fly freely. It is in this line that we can find a wider source of inspiration featuring style celebrities such as Lady Diana or Fede's own message tees and visual art.
But "Sadistic World" is, above all, about freshness. It breathes coolness and style through simplicity; because it is about reinterpreting the always-hot vintage ideas from a simple but, most importantly, very innovative point of view. And this is something soVIPzone appreciates most, the ability of combinig the lack of excess and the classics and updating them. We can definitely expect great things from the King of what I hope will be the "Sadistic Empire".
I was lucky enough to have found out about his creative career before the first set of orders was done so I ordered one myself. It is not in my possesion yet, due to time issues, but I can tell you that I selected the one with the green and pink bars and feauturing the signature image and the brand's name split on both bars. Really cool.

Now it's up to you. Do you dare to be cool? —I do.

For detailed info, including ordering, shipping and prices click here.
Also, stay updated about the sadistic world thru its fotolog.

I'm off.


maeve said...

pretty cool!
que tal con tu aleman?


maeve said...

woah!pues ahora estoy algo liada, he de aprobar las que me quedaron para sep., y hacer publi, o arquitectura de dificil eleccion.
cuando te vienes por el norte!


fede said...

Muchisimas gracias por el artículo, jajajaja!
Me ha hecho mucha ilusion!
siento ser tan breve pero esk akabo de llegar y aun tengo k respoder a un millar d mensajes, asik con clama esta tarde o mañana te contestaré más enérgicamente

y a ver si podemos quedar ya para lo de la cami, ok?

Elle said...

it seems cool plus that 1 guy is kinda cute lol

Anonymous said...

j'adore! Lo encuentro Super chulo!!


TheRainWillRemain said...

me gusto el polo con el diseño de la lengua!
por cierto soy el amigo de maeve,el que le hace las fotos jajaj
a ver cuanto me dura el blog!