Sunday, December 9

xoxo, soVIPzone

I admit it, I'm obsessed with it and I can't stop watching. Gossip Girl has me trapped like an Armani shop on sale. Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen in fiction) has me under her hot spell and, honestly, I do not want to escape. What else could be expected from the creators of The O.C.? I needed a show that would mix fashion, NYC elite and a bunch of very sexy 20 something-year-olds playing high-school bitches. As it could be assumed, the plot is not the brightest and some of the lines are such clichés, you just want to jump out of the window but even then, it's completely addictive!

This time I come with the most random, yet one of the most enjoyable celeb mixes I've done so far.
I would like to start with Sex and the City's star Sarah Jessica Parker. When I saw that picture of her wearing that yuk thing that cannot even qualify as an outfit the only thing I could think of was WTF?

How can someone who has been dressed by Patricia Field with the most exquisite clothing go this disturbingly wrong? My poor little brain can not take it; only a few weeks ago I was actually starting to like SJP because one of Sex and the City's movie ensembles. Guess I shall stop now.
Last week's Movies Rock gala was the stage for Beyoncé's secret announcement of the new film she'll be in: Alice in Cocaine-land. Take a look at the "wonderful" two gowns she picked up to attend the show. Aren't they moving? Yes, they make you cry.
On the bright side of it all, Cate Blanchett made an appereance to save the week. The promotion of Elizabeth The Golden Age is to thank for all the times my favourite Armani-girl is being spotted lately. God save the Queen!
Time for a little more tackiness. I have never though highly of Christina Aguilera, in fact I would say I quite despise her person. However, seeing how she dressed like a poor version of a mistakenly-pregnant luxury hooker was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. What was she thinking? I would have looked ok without the hideous metalic bolero jacket and the public-girl make-up. Can't say it was unexpcted.

As I usually do, I save the best fot dessert. Nicole Richie showed up at some other random event in LA and delighted us with another of her very clean, simple garment choices. How nice is to watch a pregnant lady dressing with style! The second part of dessert is not a regular to the blog, but someone I have certainly been keeping an eye on for a while because I knew he'd begin to deliver soon. Ryan Gosling was spotted making a quick stop in a shop in LA wearing a beautiful grey blazer, black suit trausers, an Oxford light blue-striped shirt and, most importantly, the most beautiful version of the Ray Ban Way-Farer ever made. Go Ryan!

[Credit pictures: JustJared and Dlisted]

I'm off.


M_O_S said...

gossip girl!! thats a series of 8? books! or at least girlfriends back in spain used to be completely obsessed with them! i guess they are catchy..although i never read them they didnt seem really appealing to me to be honest!

but if u say the series is good...then ill have to give it a try!

Coco's Tea Party said...

No one makes me want to cry more than Beyonce
there is something about her that is so annoying
and I am a die hard SJP fan
not even that look put me off!
I'll love her forever

Coco's Tea Party said...

Oh and I just added you to my front row
I think your blog is great and you always leave such great comments on mine!