Tuesday, January 15

Katie's WAY

Yesterday evening I found myself changing channels on my telly wondering if anything worth speding a few of my minutes was on. Unsurprisingly, every single station and its show was duller than the previous one. And then I came across a regional channel airing antiques. Exactly, "Dawson's Creek" was on and I ought to admit I couldn't refuse watching for a bit. Katie appeared and I was not blown away like I used to as a child, I wasn't certainly blinking either, but the reason was different this time. How can an average cute girl turn into an elegant, sexy fashion icon? The ways of style are mysterious.
Not long after giving up my little hope on television I decided to give the Internet a go. My gossip sources were obviously first. She was there again, only in a very dinstict version of herself. Mrs. Cruise is promoting her new film "Mad Money" and, therefore, giving all sorts of interviews and making endless outfit changes. I can't make a decision whether I love more the red for Letterman or the camel for Regis & Kelly. Being that coat the masterpiece that it is, there was no way she would only wear it once so it was also the choice for her Good Morning America appereance too. It's spectacular how she manages to achieve the perfect chic look, like the old Hollywood stars effortlessly spreading glamour everywhere they went.

[Credit photos: JustJared]

I'm off.


Richarsson said...

me gusta. ahora más que antes. aunque tom me da miedo. "The ways of style are mysterious." mmmmmmm
por cierto me han dicho que odias a wes anderson aun sin haber visto ninguna peli suya. ¿qué tiene de cierto? ¿puede ser verdad? ¿con lo amigo que es de marc jacobs? bueno pues eso. tu al bonito y yo al atún

Bobble Bee said...

katie is really really developing a beautiful sense of style. Mrs Posh is doing a terrific job, good for her.