Thursday, May 29

so much for not caring 'bout RESORT

Let me begin this post apologizing once again for my week-long absence. As the end of the school year approaches (yeah, I am not done yet!) things start to pile up and I need to deal with them. However, one shall never be too harsh with oneself, so I indulged myself with some partying and going out.

This said, I may proceed. When I last posted about Cruise collections, going on about what a bore they were I never thought I would be moved by one of them. Alessandra Facchinetti has done an amazing work with this collection. I have always liked Valentino for sticking to his taste but, quite honestly, after so many years doing red gowns he was surely running out of originality. This is where Ms. Facchinetti comes in. She's refurbished V's spirit with subtle elegance and up-to-date innovation while staying true to the soul of the italian designer. Women have dreamt of wearing Valentino for as long as the designer started drafting, and that won't change. Ruffles and bows are the main adornments in these dresses, they stick out on the sides of skirts and fronts of silk blouses. Silhouettes are simple and chic with the right amount of modernity and the colours serve their dynamism purpose without snatching attention from the cuts.
As I watched the collection, a certain fiction lady came to my mind. Isn't this collection perfect for Lily Van Der Woodsen? Serena's über-chic mum is the ultimate example of modern elegance achieved through simplicity and stamping your character clear on your outfit.

Loving or hating Valentino's refreshed visage?

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I'm off.


Cate said...

i haven't heard of Lily Van Der Woodsen, but i agree that this collection fits her! i think it wouldn't be bad for emmy rossum either (if she'd put a little less make-up on).
i like the new designs, it hasn't got worse since il maestro has resigned.

Winnie said...

Partying sounds great to me! Love Lily Van Der Woodsen and I adore the pairing of grey and the yellow! I like the new profile pic too, I see you're preparing for London with the tea drinking!

I think you're right about the belt, the dress looks better without it!

Ray TETAUIRA said...

im lovin the new designer at Valentino !! it's much fresher even if there's still dust !! maybe i'll be mean but i hope Lagerfeld will retired soon

atelier said...

I like this Valentino collection. You are so right! Lily would love it! I wish I could as elegant as she is at her age!

julie mcclain said...

i really have to say that i'm loving all of the fantastic draping elements that she's infused into the collection. and may i say, for the record, i love your style of writing :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Loving it, the ruffles and neutrals are so nice.

Wendy said...

Good call, the collection is totally fit for Lily. I like alot of her dresses in GG.

hannah said...

love love love.