Wednesday, November 12

it's the way WE roll

It is time to give some credit to those lads out there making an effort and spending some extra minutes in front of the mirror to prove to the incredulous that the male kind can look as dazzling as anyone else, or even more. The trick is to add a final touch of scruffiness to every ensemble so your manhood does not seem jeopardized by your caring for your image.Model Jamie Dornan and actor Josh Harnett are very aware of the tips above. Simply take out some of the pieces of clothing that are classically worn with a suit —be it the tie, the blazer or the trousers— and substitute them with something more casual. It might look like you just grabbed the first thing at hand but you will look very stylish.

When in winter and dubious stick to dark plain colours. Even though this is pretty basic it works almost every time. A good combination of black, grey and the colours of the leaves over the grass in the park never goes wrong. However, if you feel you are ready for more you may play with texture, cuts and some simple accessorizing —just like the gentlemen above.

No matter what your mates say, there is not a set dress code for any time of the day. Black is very recommendable, nonetheless. Never discard jeans beforehand as they might just be what you need. Mix them up with your really dressed-up blazer and shoes and you got the look. Your other option (only for the über-stylish) is to do it à la Ghesquière —it works every time.

If your date of birth is more than 30 years from 2008 jeans probably do not do it for you. Instead, be creative with the top of your outfit. Blazer are not always compulsory and if you wear one it does not necessarily have to be just over a shirt. Try cardigans and v-neck jumpers as both addition and substitute.

Who said it was boring to be a man? The men above are a clear example of how clean and simple go well with creative and fashionable. Play with layers and experiment with other hues from within the same palettes.

Classics such as the blazer and the tie or the cravat are very much a current fashion. If they seem to dressed-up for daily situations simply dress them down with sneakers and washed denim.

[Picture credits:, JustJared & The Sartorialist]

I'm off.

PS. Get ready for the beginning of the Christmas specials. I cannot wait!!


Mrs. Westwick (Sexy Beast) said...

Ok Im kinda dissapointed that u didnt put my husband, but u did put my ex husband (Jude) so I kinda forgive u.
Loving Paris street style, surprised by Daniel Craig, HUgh Jackman proves that Australians also have style, and Nicholas Ghesquiere always too good to be true!!! U should have also posted a pic of urself, u kno u belong there!!!!
U kno u love me!!

The Socialite said...

Although I love the celebrity looks - the men in street style pictures look wayy more amazing. Extra kudos because they have no stylist! ;)

Ray TETAUIRA said...

jude law is probably the best dressed for me with singer devendra banhart and model cole mohr

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

aaah i LOVE this post and all these lovely boysss :)

Myriam said...

Stylish men for sure! J'adore!xxx

Coco's Tea Party said...

I love Pharrell and also I think Kanye West dresses really well too.
Great post.

Andy said...

Cool !
New post on my blog, check it out.

Syed said...

Love all of these looks bar two. I'm not too keen on Jude's scarf or Pharrell wearing those jeans with that jacket. Buuuut the advice is super :)

MichelleB said...

Great post, it actually will help me decide what new chic clothing item to get my hubby as an anniversary present.

He already surprised me with a gorgeous diamond necklace from which I'll be wearing with a new gown.

I want him to have an outfit like Daniel craig so we can look like movie stars when we go to the opera!

Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

Pau said...

Amazing pics !!!!
Love Hugh Jackman style and Daniel Craig.

Paul Pincus said...

very instructive!

love josh harnett's style. pharrell is always amazing. nicolas ghesquière is kinda perfect.

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

I love menswear posts! And this was one of your best I loved it. Ohh and I cant wait for the the xmas specials!



Adorable post! Love, love NYC street style as well as Paris....

Enjoy your weekend!


Coco's Tea Party said...

Where have you gone???
I miss your posts.

Shaz said...

ohh i love the new york city style guys and penn badgley! actually i really like all of them the more i look at them

Coco's Tea Party said...

Yes I did get your email and I replied the day after, did you not get it? This always happens with my email for some reason, I think I may stop using Yahoo. I will send you another reply.

Juliet said...

I think it's great when guys dress well.

juliet xxx