Friday, February 13

american WONDERS

When I started hearing that many fashion houses had decided to call off their bi-annual catwalk shows due to the so-called recession I made a grin of disappointment. But seeing that so far I do not get a sit on the first row anyway it seems like a good way to have the closest thing to a closer look at the clothes. It is almost like staring at clothes mug-shots. Nonetheless, I am quite looking forward to seeing some of my favourite women coming in and out of the tent in Bryant Park. Of all the collections published up until now there have been three that have really caught my eye.
Personally, I am not a big fan of being a colour parade in the winter but Peter Som's collection makes me want to rethink my resolution. The mixture of neon prints seems a little reminiscent of Alexander McQueen's last collection and the shapes make me think of Balenciaga's peplums. However, there is something fresh and new about the outfits and their psychedelic furry companions that simply screams "wear me!".

Jenny Kayne's collection was just stunning. It does not get better than simple and chic and this is both. I can picture Alexa Chung and her sexy voice in most of there ensembles. Geeky and slick, just how I like it.

Although not as impressive as the previous two collections, Rachel Roy's lingerie approach to womenswear seems highly suggestive. The absence of tops and the appearance of bras underneath oversized tailored pieces is something of an elegant sexual nature. I loathe the shoes but I can see in my mind a few of the most stylish celebrities in these.

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I'm off.


Paul Pincus said...

you're so right about peter som's collection ... it's a kind of pure inspiration ... i loved it!

ps i love your current look obsession ... classic!

Myriam said...

All these collections look nice! I want the grey suit, yummy!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I really love those neck ruffs!

The Socialite said...

Jenny Kayne got it oh-so right.

frances said...

The Jenny Kayne collection is bliss!

Mrs. Bloom said...

Definately Jeeny Kayne my fav, but als loving the second piece of Peter Som, I am a big fan of the neon colours, specially in winter, lights up the dark rainy days!!

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE the Jenny Kayne wide legs!

Weekly Blogette said...

Jenni Kayne is one of my favorite designers from L.A.!
please come by my blog sometime
the w.b.

Amaury Martin B. said...

Great blog!
I love it.

Julia said...

peter som = josh goot this season.

jenny = the row

rachel roy = YSL

seriously, I can't get over the blatant copy cat collections!