Sunday, January 17

army sheep

Bailey did disappoint me. I said it on twitter and repeat it here. However, I will take back what I said about the collection being bland. It wasn't bland, it was muted —too muted. That being so, I decided I will only focus on the aspects of the collection that I liked.
Prorsum takes a step away from the British romanticism that found inspiration in cottages and walks into a harder territory. The star items of the season have undoubtedly been the aviator jackets and it's them that introduce that hardness. Rigid leather with sheepskin trimming and vice versa covered the still fragile jumpers and protected the neck with skyscraper double-layered collars. Jackets, that, may I note, reminded me of old Balenciaga's —something that Jak & Jill also noticed. Great minds think alike.
The slight military inspiration was made obvious by the abundance of belted coats and jackets and by the strap detailing around the sleeves and the neck. Plenty of different shadesmilitary green that faded into very attractive olives appeared in the shape of coats and jumpers. Also military-originated were the off-gold detailing and embellishments on shoulders and cuffs.

But my favourite feature from the Burberry collection, by far, have been the colour palette and the shoes. See above an below for the beautiful array of hues and the most beautiful pair of half-way lace-up boots you have ever seen.
[Screen caps from the live Burberry show at]
I'm off.

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