Wednesday, March 24

home run

I was recently at my religious picture scrutinising of The Fashionisto when I found this picture below as part of an editorial from Vogue Hommes International (photographed by Maciek Kobielski and styled by Darcy Backlar). The whole shoot epitomised the famous "American cool" in a very contemporary way. To do that, Darcy Backlar picked an American staple —the baseball jacket. Only this one by Bottega Veneta has a more urban feel thanks to the use of leather and a slimmer fit.
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The Bottega Veneta jacket reminded me of my Carhartt one (below) and so I had a look at Asos to see what else was in the market for boys in the need of one of these jackets. They are the perfect thing to throw on for an effortless cool look and they look pretty awesome when added to a shirt and bowtie combo (think Kanye West).
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Gunt Rugger, Lacoste Red, Carhartt, Yves Saint Laurent (, Gant, Franklin & Marshall (all
I'm off.

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