Wednesday, February 16

Gossip Girl Fashion: "It-Girl Happened One Night"

Season 4 of Gossip Girl has been quite the roller-coaster so far. Every two or three episodes the plot just reaches serious levels of dullness to then pick up again. Well, this week's episode, "It-Girl happened one night", is one of pretty dull ones. I'm not sure if it's the fact that the drama always involves the exact same set of people and it's always generated either by relationships or by business-related affairs or if it's me that has lost interest. Either way, the fact is that it's still not hard to watch because the fashion is not quite decaying yet, au contraire.
Blair and Serena were both on fire this week. Blair opened the episode in one of those gold brocade Balmain blazers (like the leather one E. Alt wore recently) and Stella McCartney trousers. I am really looking forward more of her business woman looks. I also liked the Louis Vuitton laptop cover, it shows that she can wear inexpensive things, hahaha. Serena accompanies Blair at the beginning in a pyjama look that I particularly loved. She donned a white silk shit à la boyfriend with half-calf grey socks. Simple yet sexy.
And I can finally post about Chuck! He's been wearing really boring suit combinations lately but on this episode it seems his love story motivates him to get dressed properly in the morning. His tuxedo moment alongside Raina, looking stunning in Ralph Lauren, was a hit. As was the earlier day look of grey suit, blue striped shirt and purple paisley tie.
Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 07.55.50
Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 07.50.36
Lily, who I am starting to get very annoyed about, also looked lovely in this episode. She wore one of her classic cut evening dresses to Chuck's party, which she accessorised with (my favourite) a kind of white gold leave necklace. It reminded me to the ancient Roman laurel crowns, after all she's as plotting and powerful as any Caesar. Good call.
Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 07.55.28 1 copy
I was rather confused, although not totally in a bad way, about two of Serena's looks. She randomly wears this long-sleeve black chiffon and silk beaded dress when she receives the present from Raina, which I found odd because it seemed way to dressed up for lounge wear, even for S. And the second was the crazy uneven-layered look she wears to the Ralph Lauren shop. I loved the kind of Rick Owens style shearling coat but it looked pretty odd with the cardigan underneath. I did, however, love the VBH blue bag she wore with that outfit.
Alas, I didn't quite have a breakfast moment to enjoy this week apart from a glance at the Van der Woodsen-Bass brunch early on the episode. To compensate, I took pleasure from looking at the delicious looking roast beef and asparagus from Chuck's Valentine's Day party.
Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 07.54.47 2
Has anyone else notices how Nate is just there and nothing happens to him, he doesn't say anything interesting or sleep with anyone hot? He just hang out with his dad, who he hugs a ridiculous amount of times per episode and then he walks out. Give him some lines? He's got good hair.
Screen shot 2011-02-16 at 07.58.56
The party dresses in the episode weren't spectacular but they kind of worked. I liked Serena's Ralph Lauren a lot! She looked a lot less slutty than she usually does, which, even to a man, it's a good thing. She looked as sophisticated as Lily always does. Blair, in Marchesa, I liked too but it seemed to take her back to her old-fashioned ways. I always get slightly annoyed about Marchesa because, even though they always have incredible dresses every season, people seem to always choose the really cheesy ones.
And, once again, the episode closes with a Blair/Dan moment. I will keep repeating how much I like this duo, regardless of what happens between then, but the writers seem to only make they come together for short periods of time. Sort. It. Out.
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I'm off.

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Anonymous said...

I love your gossip girl posts! I was so annoyed when they didn't even show much of Serena's black dress! It looked so good from the top, it just made me wonder! Also, I disliked Blair's Marchesa dress. The print reminded me of my grandmother. I totally agree with Serena's look at the ball! She looks so sexy and her lipstick was divine! The writers are dragging the Dan/Blair pairing for too long! That and the clothes are the only reasons I watch this show so it's probably a good move on their part to make the Dan/Blair story as long as possible.

E. said...

I just watched this episode online (I'm behind! haha), so of course I had to pop over & see your post :)

I, too, am all about Dan and Blair interaction these days. It's the freshest part of the show right now. Loved the 'When Harry Met Sally' joint movie watching.

Blair's Marchesa didn't do it for me; I thought it looked better on Diane Kruger when she wore it @ Cannes (and I love Leighton).

I'm also looking forward to more of her business looks. Maybe even some more Blair-esque casual looks, now that she's around Dan, that are easily copied?

I girl can dream!

Great post, as always xx