Wednesday, March 2

Armani loves Megan Fox

ArmaniCodemeganfoxMegan Fox has had a quick rise in the world of fashion. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that she has that wild beauty kind of thing that also made Angelina a world icon (and even very similar back tattoos). But Fox's biggest fan seems to be Giorgio Armani. He first chose her as the face of Armani underwear, a role that she's now retaking for the new season alongside Rafa Nadal, but she has also become the face of Armani Jeans and now of Armani Code Sport, the latest fragrance from the Italian emperor. The lovely people from Armani have sent me some exclusive shots of the new campaign, launching this month, and I daresay I like Fox in these more than I liked Anja Rubik. She looks so polished but that look and the tattoos kind of give her an edge that I really love. The pictures also feel very contemporary and I somehow see an Asian twang in them, which is, of course, molto Armani.
What do you think of the campaign? Do you see Megan fox as a style icon?
I'm off.

[Pictures: Courtesy or Armani]

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