Sunday, April 10

MKPradafurstoleLooking at these pictures of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing this season's hit item I realised this was also the first time I saw anyone wearing the Prada fur stole in a normal life situation. Well, as normal as the Olsens coming in and out of an airport can be. I'm surprised that it's taken her this long to wear it since they usually get clothes and accessories way ahead of season. In any case, this moment made me very happy and it makes sense for anyone who wants to buy the fur stole in question to get it in a rather muted colour, like MK's in navy, so that it's as wearable as possible.

Would you buy/wear one?

[Pictures: Just Jared]

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Kirstie Marié said...

Wow wow wow! Love the new look of the blog, tres sophisticated!

I love how much of an impact the fur stole has on the rest of the ensemble, the hint of navy complements the dark colours so well. If I had the money, I probably would be crazy enough to buy one although with the current London weather, I think it would be one of those "sat in back of wardrobe" pieces!