Wednesday, May 4

Every month I feel like the new covers come out earlier. As much as I like looking at all of them I'm often too tired by the time they hit the newstands, by which point I will only buy the handful of issues I think are really worth it.
After a few months on the up British Vogue is quickly dipping in terms of cover style. Last month's multiple royal wedding covers were as bland as can be and this month's Alexa cover genuinely looks like you've picked up a magazine a couple years old. Her editorial inside doesn't try anything new in terms of styling and photography and it's just Alexa being Alexa in Alexa clothes with Alexa hair. The only thing that saves the issue is one double-page picture by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Lucinda Chambers in the "Let's dance" story.
Vogue should really learn from the other British fashion titles. This month's ELLE and Harper's covers are chic and spot-on. And I'm especially keen on ELLE's rotated frame on their subscriber's cover. They keep getting it absolutely right every month and it's making me want to get a subscription.


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Kirstie Marié said...

The Vogue cover is so monotonous, I feel as though I've seen it ten times before. I must admit Elle is really winning me over, if I were to buy any mainstream British publication it would have to be that. Cameron's cover is so dominant in comparison to Alexa's