Wednesday, May 11

Finally an episode that doesn't make me yawn from the beginning! This week's Gossip Girl wen't back to the old tricks. Blair gets on a limo every 10 minutes and miraculously crosses Manhattan in record times and Serena wears cocktail dresses around the house. She actually opens the episode in a purple Christian Dior, which is as day-inappropriate as it is kind on the eye. As long as the fashion stays up to this standard I'm happy to let the plot go bananas.
For the party later in the episode Serena slips into a draped salmon/pink Jenny Packham. The dress is exactly the kind of thing she used to wear two seasons ago when all you could think of during her scenes was 'how can someone look that good?'

Blair also has to brilliant fashion moments in "Shattered Bass". The first is an orange number (do you know who's it by?) of which I wish we got to see more. I loved how it was accessorised with layered chunky necklaces.
The second is an Alexis Mabille Couture dress. I looked and thought carefully about this dress because Blair looks stunning in it but only when you see full shots of her. Looking only at the top it seems like a Baroque extravaganza someone might've designed while on crack. However, it is a great fit for someone who is about to become royalty.
I'm excited to see more from the "Queen of Monaco" character. She dresses extremely well with a slightly Mad Men twist. And now that Lily is confined to her house it's nice to see an adult looking chic.

I've just about had it with Serena's cousin. Not only she steals her clothes and looks absolutely rubbish in them but her moves are so dumb. If you're going to go all Waldorf-bitch on someone do plan ahead.
On the bright side, Nate and Raina get out of the house for once. She looks smashing in a bight orange gown with asymmetric silver straps and Nate also looks the part. If only his suit jacket was his size...

You might have also noticed the worst product placement in history. Eleanor actually slips in her lines about Vitamin Water and some kind of creative project in collaboration with the CFDA. Is that even real or just some extra BS so try and make the story plausible?
And also, did anyone notice this parallelism between the scene in the warehouse and 'Resevoir dogs'?


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The Style Realist said...

I don't like Serena (the character) but I do like her clothes :)