Friday, June 10

Kate Middleton dresses like a Waldorf
[CWtv, JennyPackham, JustJared]
I had made a promise to myself not to blog about the Duchess of Cambridge too often after the wedding. It's been a little hard because she has been dressing extremely well lately. Her white look for the Derby Day at Epsom was extremely chic and it epitomised the perfect English look. The coat by Reiss, one of her preferred brands, covered a white cocktail Jenny Packham number.
Today for at the ARK Gala Dinner she chose another Jenny Packham with sequins and Swarovski crystal detailing. Such is chance that the dress was the same one Blair Waldorf wore on "The Princess and the Frog" episode of Gossip Girl. In moments like these I am silly enough to wonder whether Kate Middleton may be a GG fan and watching the show might have thought "I need to wear that dress!" Funnily, this was the gown Blair chose for her first public appearance with his prince.
I must say Middleton wears it a lot better than B. It is a simple cut but the chiffon details on the sleeves and the silver sequins and crystals create one of those moments I love when jewellery becomes pointless. And, well, after this I am also a lot more excited to see what the future queen of England wears at upcoming events.


vanity teen said...

Kate Middleton looks beautiful in whatever she wears.

E. said...

Terrific, terrific post! I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog. I'm surprised by my interest in what Kate wears, but so far she's been really promising. I especially loved her white McQueen coat at the Trooping of the Colour.

GALA said...

Beh, la Regina viene sempre prima della Duchessa!!!! Xo Xo!!!