Thursday, July 14

Emma Watson & SJP wear Bottega’s rags
I remember seeing Bottega Veneta's gowns at the end of their f/w11 show and thinking not a soul would wear them.
Emma Watson was the first to prove me wrong a few days ago at the New York premiere of the last Happy Potter instalment. From the waist up it was a stunning look. The hair was stunning, the earrings a brilliant choice, and I even liked the bold makeup. The bodice fitted her beautifully but as you look down this gold/bronze taffeta starts to spoil the look.
The idea of rags sewn together to create something beautiful with an unfinished touch is great but I don't think it works on the red carpet. The dress does work in editorials, though. Sarah Jessica Parker wears it in her American Vogue cover story shot by Mario Testino. It might be that the angle and the composition  cover some of the dress' flaws but it does look stunning in the cream living room. Even the colour seems different than on Emma's and it has a nicer shape as it falls onto the floor. Some pieces are just meant to be on the pages of a magazine.


The PvdH Journal said...

I'm actually astonished (fabbergasted & gobsmacked!) that she pulled off that Bottega Veneta. I would have deemed it hard given her petite frame.

Thank you for sharing this, I'm glad I stumbled into your blog! Will def be back!

PvdH - designer and illustrator

Anonymous said...

That's silly, both pictures appeared in magazines.
The dress doesn't change colour for editorials, its the same colour. Its all down to the editing and colour correcting of the photos.

What uninformed commentary, I don't understand why blogs like these exist.

Joy said...

Definitely agree! She looked so much better at the London premiere.