Tuesday, July 19

Tatler gets it Right, That’s a First
I don't know about you but I've never been a Tatler fan. It's such a stuffy and old fashioned fashion magazine with such a bad commercial point of view.

Their last cover, see here, had a Pippa Middleton picture in black and white surrounded by colourful flowers. Even to this day I'm still horrified by the sight of it.
Now, don't ask me why I would go an revisit the issue online but I did. And I'm actually glad I did because that's how I came across the "Don't you know who I am?" story shot by Robert Trachtenberg.
I think what's great about it if the fact that because of the f/w11 trends, it was easy to play with 60's and 80's references that are quintessentially British.
The shoot is far from flawless but I absolutely loved the pictures of the orange Burberry coat with the famous British Vogue 60's cover, the Twiggy shout-out in Prada and Lady Di's anglomania in Fendi.



Fashion Fabrice said...

DAMn that outfit! the bag and the coat are FABULOUS!

roxanne said...

would kill for a coat like that!

S.P. said...

That Pippa Middleton cover was indeed horrendous. I still can't get over it, but this story has piqued my interest and now I think I might take a look at the inside pages of Tatler.
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